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Scripture of Nature Photography Journal


Worth the Hike

A good friend of mine, Josh Smith and I found the well traveled trail to Upper Cathedral Lake and started our way up the hill on a three and a half mile trek to one of the most spectacular lakes in the Yosemite's Tioga Pass area. We wanted to capture the last light of the day as the sun hit Cathedral from the West with beautiful side lighting and then return back under the full moon with the aid of head lamps. Upper Cathedral Lake was a great start to our Memorial Day weekend photo trip.

Upper Cathedral Lake

Tenaya Lake

Twin Lakes Sunrise

Homestead near June Lake Loop

I am really loving working with my new Nikon D800E camera. The resolution and detail is so similar to my old Hasselblad but it is about half the weight! Also I used a great new backpack that arrived the day before we left, the F-Stop Tilopa BC, perfect for day hikes with room for extra food and gear.