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Scripture of Nature Photography Journal


Backpacking in the Ansel Adams Wilderness

Backpacking with my twin brother has always been a memorable adventure since early childhood. Phil is my best friend and it's a blessing to share and experience the wilderness together. Last week we returned from a five day trip in the Ansel Adams wilderness. The Minaret range has some of the most spectacular visuals in the Sierras. It is the headwaters of our San Joaquin River here in Fresno. Phil and I both made wonderful images early in the morning as the first light of the day hit the peaks with a beautiful alpine glow, forget sleeping in when your photographing the sunrise! The last morning before heading home from Ediza lake I turned toward the sunrise and witnessed this amazing light streaking through canyon leading into the lake. I scrambled quickly to a ridge to get a better point of view of this wonderful sunrise that was filtering through the Rim Fires lingering smoke. I put on my 50 mm lens with a sunset filter and captured the image before the spectacle disappeared. It turned out to be one of my all time favorite photographs!